Matt Morris

5.13.2017 - 6.1.2017

1988 Ben
1988 Excalibur
1989 Thierry Mugler
1990 Blue Mirror
1991 During a game of Truth or Dare I played as a child, when a neighbor boy refused to strip for me, I threatened him with a pocket knife my grandfather gave me.
1992 Angel
1992 Orthoptic eye patch
2016 Curaçao
2017 Couples therapy

Adam Cruces


Alan Rickman: “Thanks so much for being here. Tell us a little about yourself.”
French Impressionist Landscape Painting: (jokingly) “Well, as you know, I’ve been around forever.”
(audience laughs)
AR: “Do you believe in morality?”
A jack-o-lantern floats by in silence, seemingly unnoticed.
FILP: (chuckling) “What? How do you mean?”
AR: (raising his wand) “Do you believe art has any sort of responsibility?”
There is a silence on set, a palpable discomfort is felt by all staff members. The cameramen stay focused on their subjects, pensive for the next utterance.
AR: “You’ve ruined the imagination, you must know this.”
FILP: “Maybe in order to conceive, and to steep ourselves in, unreality, we must have it constantly presented to our minds. The day we feel it, see it, everything becomes unreal, it’s that unreality which alone makes existence tolerable.”
AR: “Your fictions are so dubious”
AR apparates
FILP: (to AR’s empty chair) “Refinement is a sign of a deficient vitality, in art, in love, and in everything.” (chuckling) “I don’t know why I still do these fucking interviews.”
FILP and the empty chair; just two guys laughing out loud in silence.

Sam Grossinger

with musical performances by

Andrew Clinkman
John Lincoln-Vogel
Kaleigh & Monica Moynihan
Mattea Landry, Peter Friel & Eric Schmid
Thinh Le

Fundraiser and silent auction against structural violence. All proceeds go to the ACLU & Chicago Community Bond Fund. 5$ cocktails by Jesse Clark. DJ set by WULFCHO. Co-organized by Lori-May Orillo. Food by Edward Cabral

Featuring works by:

Alison Veit
André & Evan Lenox
Barbara Schippa
Bea Fremderman
Ben Regozin
Brian Hochberger
Brian Khek
Isabelle McGuire
John Henley
Kevin Barrett Weil
Lauren Quinn
Lori-May Orillo
Micah Schippa
Michael Madrigali
Neal Vandenbergh
Nick Pannozzo
Paul Heyer
Ratko Radojcic
Sam Grossinger
Siera Hyte
Tim Mann


A two person exhibition organized by Micah Schippa as part of Gallery Week Chicago

Jack Schneider
Alison Veit

3.8.2017 - 3.12.2017

Other particpants included

65Grand, Adds Donna, Aspect Ratio, boyfriends, Shane Campbell Gallery, Corbett vs.Dempsey. devening projects, DOCUMENT, Goldfinch, Richard Gray Gallery , Kavi Gupta, Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Julius Caesar, Efrain Lopez, The Mission, moniquemeloche, Patron Gallery, Andrew Rafacz, Regards, Roots & Culture, Soccer Club Club, Carrie Secrist, Volume, Linda Warren Projects, Western Exhibitions

Kevin Barret Weil

1.28.2017 - 2.25.2017

An assembly for the collective production of a grave rhythm from which the last gasps for oxygen before passing derive their colloquial name.

Exhibition organized by Ben Regozin

Lauren Barnes
John Henley
Lesley Jackson
Lauren Taylor

12.17.2016 - 1.13.2017

Solo project by Jenine Marsh, organized by Cooper Cole Gallery, Toronto, CA

9.24.2016 - 11.26.2016

A formal garden is planted deep in the reptile bits of the brain, not in the head, but in the base of the neck. Between the lungs and the mouth, between the stomach and the teeth. Where the vocal chords and the tongue took root is where we learned to taste, to name, to repeat, and to choose. Sweet or bitter. Good or bad. The rose or the weed. But in a rose garden, even a lily is a weed.

Imagine landing on Venus to find uncultivated plants creeping and unnamed blossoms opening and closing like mouths. In a world without gardeners which is the rose, and which is the weed? Or go to the city's train tracks, where goldenrod and dandelion and the many other unknown species tangle. A weed is not planted; it flies in on a seed, taking no work of the gardener to grow. In a world of weeds, all roses are wild.

Exhibition organized by Alivia Zivich

Wolf Eyes with Will Benedict
Michele Di Menna
Olivia Erlanger
Puppies Puppies
Chloe Seibert
Alivia Zivich

6.17.2016 - 7.9.2016

"Pacsun filed for bankruptcy.
That fuckboi circle jerk of a
store had it coming.
If u shop there fuck you
then unfriend me.
I take consumerism very seriously."

Exhibition organized by Micah Schippa

Cudelice Brazelton
Edward Cabral
Charles Kelman
Isabella Kendrick
Rasmus Myrup
Adriana Ramić
Micah Schippa
Neal Vandenbergh
With text contributed by Jamie Sterns

The statement for this show was a collection of texts submitted by each participant. 4.9.2016 - 4.30.2016

Alison Veit

2.27.2016 - 3.26.2016

When I was a child I believed my life was a massive novel in which I was the main character. I believed the book sat in the hands of a giant who lived in a pastoral town much like The Shire from "The Hobbit, There and Back Again." The giant read aloud from the book every night to his child. My imagined view of myself as a storybook character comforted me in times of stress and anxiety. It made me feel as though someone bigger was out there hearing my story, sharing my existence.

Event organized by Micah Schippa

Becket Flannery
Dorota Gaweda & Egle Kulbokaite
Paul Heyer
Barbara Kapusta
Mitchell Kehe
Nat Marcus
Lori-May Orillo
Jaakko Pallasvuo
Sydney Shen & Laurel Schwulst
Brook Sinkinson Withrow & Diamond Stingily
V Manuscript


the shape of a play,
a rat, a
& the smell of a mouth

Exhibition organized by Chloe Seibert

Matthew Linde
Bria Williams

11.7.2015 - 11.28.2015

This is a picture of an empty room in an abandoned house. We aren't sure where the house is, or what room in the house it is. We're also not positive if this is a found picture or if we took it ourselves. If anyone out there has any information as to where this is, please let us know via DM or email.